What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®?

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When you secure the keys to a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz in San Antonio, you gain access to numerous advanced features and systems. One such feature is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®. What is the PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz system? It’s a pre-collision system that constantly monitors traffic while you’re driving; if a potential collision is predicted, PRESAFE® will act automatically to help mitigate it, protecting you and your loved ones. Learn more about the Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® feature below, then visit Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio to experience it in action. 

How Does PRESAFE® Monitor for Potential Collisions? 

The PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz system utilizes a network of sensors to monitor the road in Alamo Heights and detect the signs of a potential collision. The very moment that an accident seems imminent, this intelligent pre-collision system automatically activates several features designed to help mitigate the accident. 

Learn the PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz Preventative Actions

What does Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® do to help mitigate the effects of collisions in Shavano Park? If the system detects a potential accident, here’s how PRESAFE® acts automatically to protect you:

  • Front head restraints are auto-adjusted for maximum crash protection, helping minimize injuries. 
  • Windows and sunroof are closed to prevent stray objects from entering the cabin. 
  • Seatbelt tensioners are enabled to protect each occupant in their seat. 

What is PRESAFE® Sound? 

Some Mercedes-Benz vehicles also feature PRESAFE® Sound, a cutting-edge safety feature designed to protect your inner ear from damage that can be caused by loud noises during a collision. How does it work? PRESAFE® Sound emits a “pink noise” if a noise around 80 decibels is detected. Pink noise can trigger the stapedius reflex, which weakens the connection between the inner ear and eardrum momentarily by contracting the stapedius muscle. 

What is PRESAFE® Impulse Side?

Another extra feature you’ll find on some Mercedes-Benz models is PRESAFE® Impulse Side. This feature can help move passengers out of harm’s way during a collision that could have side impact. PRESAFE® Impulse Side was designed to help bridge the gap that naturally exists in the crumple zone of a vehicle’s side areas. 

Why Might You See “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” in a Mercedes-Benz?

Are you seeing a message that says “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” in your Mercedes-Benz? This indicates that the PRESAFE® system needs attention from a certified technician. Typically, the message is triggered when a sensor within the system needs readjustment or cleaning. You can schedule an appointment at our certified service center if you ever receive this message behind your steering wheel on the information display. 

Learn More About Your Mercedes-Benz in San Antonio

Have questions about other Mercedes-Benz features, such as ATTENTION ASSIST®? The experts at Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio are here to help! Contact us or stop by our luxury showroom in San Antonio to have all your Mercedes-Benz questions answered.

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