What’s New About Upcoming Mercedes-Benz Models?

March 16th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for their striking, sleek designs and upscale cars. Their fleet is divided into classes, although in their hierarchy, an “A” isn’t even close to best you can get. In fact, a Mercedes-Benz Class-A is the smallest and most affordable of the bunch. Upgrade to a Class-C for a medium, sedan-sized car, peppered with luxurious touches and outstanding performance.

As the list goes on, so do the astounding feats Mercedes-Benz has managed to accomplish with a combination of metal, steel, and fabric. And yet, it seems there is even more to look forward to as the upcoming release of their 2019 line promises new features we’ve never before experienced.

Just a few months ago, as 2018 approached, we were looking forward to the novel features of that upcoming year. Per usual, Mercedes-Benz did not disappoint.

2018 Class-C Luxury Sedan Features

  • Upgraded in-car technology
  • Smoother ride with 9G-Tronic standard transmission
  • Rear-view camera included in the base model
  • Proximity key and push-button start is now standard on all models
  • Link, then integrate your smartphone to your dash touch screen


And this, was last year. Astoundingly, Mercedes-Benz is now telling us there’s more!

2019 Class-C Luxury Sedan Features (model not available yet)

As this beauty of a car prepares for its world debut, we can begin dreaming of the day it idles into the dealership with these upgrades.

  • A brand-new, four-cylinder powertrain
  • A nine-speed automatic transmission
  • Systematic 255 horsepower capability
  • Additional “Intelligent Drive” features like: traffic monitoring, advanced GPS location, and limited levels of auto-driving.
  • Driver Assistance package available will: assist with steering, lane changing, and emergency stopping.
  • Wireless charging
  • 3-inch digital display screen

Visit your San Antonio, Texas, Mercedes-Benz dealership for a virtual sneak peek at this car. Test drive a 2018 while you are there and picture yourself in the new, and improved model. The staff at 9600 San Pedro Ave, are supremely knowledgeable about all the models in the Mercedes-Benz line. If a sedan doesn’t meet your driving needs, they will expertly guide you through additional models.

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